Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yesterday's *Find*ings

Here are a few pics of the things that I got yesterday. No clue what/where/when...but there will be a *Revival of the Fittest* (oOOoo ;] haha). I like to play with words, just like jewelry. :P

OH, OH, OH...I also went to get some findings at my beading haven and spent way too much money on things that are just too sweet, and they shall come together to make something even more collectively cool. I CANNOT wait. haha. Compulsive. grrrr. lol.

Ok, so onto the pictures of randomness. All over the place. In my place.

*** Oh, can u see the charm that says "BRAT" ? hahah I poured a whole bag of her stuff in my hand, got to the bottom of the pile, and BRAT was staring at me, SO FUNNY! :D *Harmless Brat* found "BRAT". :P ***


  1. Each piece is so much fun!!! I love the bracelet with the!
    -sandy toe

  2. Would love to know more about the old-old buttons you mentioned. Couldn't find an e-mail to reply!