Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My boyfriend proposed to me on Friday the 23rd! We went for a walk in a park and held hands as we crossed a bridge. Once we reached the other side, he got down on 1 knee and pulled out a heart-shaped box with the ring inside! *aaahh!* :D I cannot believe it! I love him so much and we now have a whole life ahead of us. One that will be full of adventures! Just a quick post to tell you alllll! :) Here is a pic of the ring, and once I have some good ones of us, I will put them up lol. :D

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

An Update! (pic of promise ring)

I have been pretty busy lately! Work has actually been giving me hours and when I am not working, I am researching and sleeping. I have a LOT of ppl to catch up with, and a lot of creating, yet to do. :) The Orange County Fair is coming up and I am going to have 4 entries this year. Quite different from my 12+ entries last year. I was creating just to enter! haha. Obsessions! This year, I will only be making 2 of my 4 entries. Going for more BALANCE, I guess. ;) :D Very exciting, none-the-less.

I have been visiting Los Angeles, well, just once. haha. I AM SOOO EXCITED to say that I am designing my engagement ring. No, it's not official yet, but I got the approval to seek out designers/lapidaries/gemologists to team up on my AMAZINGGGG PROJECT!! OMG. You will be sooo impressed, I guarantee you that. The ppl that I shared my vision with, in La, asked if I had my own shop, or a card, and if I am a designer. ;) Yeehaw. lol. I will show you once I have the design constructed in photoshop. Right now I just have the pieces. :D

Knowing that we are *that* close to making a huge step/leap in our lives, I played the kiddie card, being so inexperienced and all...I've never had a promise ring, so I asked my boyfriend if we could go shopping in quarter machines because I have always wanted one of those cute plastic gem rings. We went to a number of stores and found none. :( SO so so so sad. Instead, we hit up Claire's in the mall LOLOL and I found an awesome ring. It's already chipping, but I was sure to photograph it while it's still intact. ;) I freakin' love it. :D So yess, I am twitterpated and obsessed with all the research I can be immersed in, while designing the ring of my dreams. Well, just short of my dreams. I would have to win the lottery to get my $200k pink diamond LOL. No, but honestly...I am so excited. :) My poor bf's ears are going to fall off because I randomly start talking about rings every few mins.

*SCREAM* :) So.. :) I've been busy. :) Not exactly with the right tasks, but I am totally .. doing stuff. :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Business Cards :)

Ok, so 3 hours after designing them...WOW. I have assembled my cards. :) I love them lots!! :) (Even though I had to cut, punch and glue every single one. lol) I hope you love them too, when you see them at Glitterfest on Saturday!! XOXO

Friday, April 24, 2009

My Adoption Today

I adopted a baby Leopard Gecko today! He's so cute! But he is a handful, he has a neurological disorder and he flips to the side a lot. He can't walk too amazingly, I heard that he doesn't hunt crickets too well, and he is not too great at sitting in one spot for too long. He gets up and starts to walk, always with a stumble. Poor lil guy, it's so sad. But I am going to love him and give him a cute name. Something like "Bacardi" or "Jager" or "Smirnoff" lol. Or maybe even "Tipsy", one of my favs. :) Can't wait to decorate his tank accordingly, once I figure his name out. My last leopard gecko was Cinderella and she lived in a pink castle. She would walk up the steps and even peer out the windows when she heard noises. :D So, here is to my "special" adoptee. xoxo lil man. :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Needle Felting

I have been going to www.Threadbanger.com for years and I am in love with it. :) While there, one day, I saw a needle felted dog, and have always wanted to try out the technique. Although very new to the concept, I was able to make a thing or 2. I plan on making more things, but for now, it's just something new and fun to try out. I am farrr from pro. LOL. :D

Monday, March 30, 2009

At the Dog Park

My boyfriend and I took Panda out to the dog park for the 1st time. I was verrry scared because she hasn't socialized before and this was a huge step!! We had to unleash her in a huge area with lots of dogs and I was panicked the whole time, lol. Shawn was very proud of her and he made my day because it was his idea to take her out. :) All smiles with a side of scare. haha. :D (She wore the school girl outfit that Shawn gave her 2 Christmases ago!)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Etsy Shop!

Hey guys, give me your etsy shops so I can favorite you! :D Here is mine, just put some stuff up tonight, and more to come! :)

Buy Handmade

Monday, March 2, 2009

~*~ Glitterfest! ~*~

Very, very excited about the amazing GlitterFest coming up in May! I will be amongst the best, when I tell you that there will be so many talented women surrounding me! (Quite an Honor, I must say.) It will be a gathering of friends of old and new, sharing their beautiful creations for all of SoCal. :D I designed the following postcard, also, which is very exciting for me! Please save the jpeg(s) and feel free to plaster the internet!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sin City

:) We took a trip to Vegas and stayed at the Hooters hotel! Kinda cool. lol. I just liked when the girls came and said "cocktails.." haha. :) I had a nice time and got to see a lot of things that I haven't been able to see during past trips to Vegas. We got to see the Bellagio Fountains, Dale Chihuly's glass installation, a disco horse, ate at the Cafe Bellagio (amazing) and saw the gardens decorated in the year of the Ox. :) It was great. It was a lot of driving and rain, which was unfavorable but once we got there, I was glad to not be driving any longer. Oh! One thing I hate about Vegas is their lack of u-turns. *bleh*. :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

unfortunate estate sale

I went to an estate sale @ Palmayra and I was looking for costume jewelry...*no surprise* lol. The woman, Suzanne, told me to come back on Sunday and she would have some stuff for me. I went back today, and she only had one more piece than before and trash-talked the purpose of re-using the pieces that are in existence because they aren't worth anything and she only deals with the "cream of the crop". Okay, fair enough...she has her own taste, I just want to purchase. So I try to navigate around her attitude but it just isn't possible and she stops, mid-sale and asks me how much I plan on spending. (Honestly, she had crap LOL, but I felt bad and wanted to get some pieces because she was trying so hard to sell me.) So she stops what she is doing and looks at me with a stearn face and asks "SOoooo...before I continue, I want to know if this is even worth my TIME. How much do you think this is worth to you????" (A couple bucks.) "HOW much is a COUPLE bucks to you????" (2..3..4?) Then she starts shaking and I think I saw a twitch and then she said "YEah, this is.. this.. this isn't even WORTH the time I am spending, I can't do this, it's not worth me digging through this stuff. Not worth my time." ... HAHA. Wow lady. So I said "Oh, well, don't worry about it then..." (Leaving her 3 ugly things on the top of the glass case that everything was displayed in *flat*, so there was NO digging.) I made sure that she had clear access to her gems to put back in the display case lol. Seriously, the most interesting things were bent-leaf earrings and they were tiny, even. *shudder* BLEH. So, that was not a very great experiece. I am sorry that I even went back to that place.

The Moral of the story, ladies : Trust what you know. I knew that she wasn't nice and she turned out to be even more mean. You know who you buy from, you know the sweet women and nice guys who are there to help you and be friendly. Stick to them and appreciate that you don't come arcoss women like I did. Honestly, if my character were any more weak, this woman's attitude would have ruined my day because I am a very impressionable person and sometimes I take things personally. Instead, I just leave, appreciating the people who are nice to me. So, Thank YOU!! For being so kind. :) <3 xoxo

I DID, however, take a pic when I was there the 1st time, because I thought it was funny, finding a bear staring at itself in the mirror lol.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Valentine Necklaces -xoxo-

Alright, so here are some of my Valentine Designs that are at Whimzy for the Lovely Holiday! :) I went to the fleamarket in Tustin and went overboard, but it will make for some interesting projects! :D I can't wait to show you pics of what I found! :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Tiny Loss

Today, I came to my parent's house and saw some jewelry on the table, SNATCHED up a tiny vintage bug brooch and pinned it onto me. I loved it, no idea if it was supposed to be for me or not...wore it out today, lost it!!!!!!!! And when I got back here, my mom said "you can have anything you want on the table except for the bug"...laughingly I looked down to see the cute guy on my shirt and he was gone. I wanted to cry. I was in deep sh*t and I lost the beautiful bug. My mom is verrrrrrry upset with me and that makes me sad. So I bought these online just now, for her guest room...as a "sorry". I hope she forgives me or something. siiiiiiiiiigh.

A date today.

I met my boyfriend at the Cheesecake Factory today for a nice lunch. :) It was really sweet, I love sitting on the patio, outside. After there, sad for him, we walked through the mall and I stopped in practically every store that I wanted to! hahah. :) It's not often that we go to the mall or shopping, so I took advantage of the situation, while trying not to torture him in the mean while. He bought me some crazy-beautiful-bright nail polish and a Boston Terrier Puppies calendar. :D Thank you! :)

We also stopped by the puppy store, him not being a dog person, I didn't see us being there for long. BUT!!! HOLY WOW!! He fell in love with a miniture pinscher! LOL. So we got to go into a little room and play with her for a while. It was lots of fun and really cute haha :). So here are some pics and a video! (Take a look if you are kinda bored! lol, nothing too amazing. except my dog's dress ;) *wink* lol.

Oh, and My Baby!!! *** PANDA *** :D in her new dress! xoxoxox

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Valen-Times Necklaces

I am currently working on a batch of Lovely Necklaces to celebrate my favorite holiday. Love is my religion and I put passion into my work, so this whole Valen-Time batch is going to be difficult! (( I won't want to give them up!! *cry*)) I should just make one for myself, then finish the rest and clench onto mine while I close my eyes and hand them over to Dianne! *eeek* lol. But seriously, :) , I hope that my necklaces find themselves close to someone else's hearts, this season. :) So stay tuned, I can't wait to reveal them! xoxo!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yesterday's *Find*ings

Here are a few pics of the things that I got yesterday. No clue what/where/when...but there will be a *Revival of the Fittest* (oOOoo ;] haha). I like to play with words, just like jewelry. :P

OH, OH, OH...I also went to get some findings at my beading haven and spent way too much money on things that are just too sweet, and they shall come together to make something even more collectively cool. I CANNOT wait. haha. Compulsive. grrrr. lol.

Ok, so onto the pictures of randomness. All over the place. In my place.

*** Oh, can u see the charm that says "BRAT" ? hahah I poured a whole bag of her stuff in my hand, got to the bottom of the pile, and BRAT was staring at me, SO FUNNY! :D *Harmless Brat* found "BRAT". :P ***

Very Cool Day!

Today, I got my goodies together and went to Whimzy to drop off my necklaces! Dianne told me about Grant's Antiques and that I should check it out as a good source for finds that be of use to me. (And I did. And there were. And I purchased. lol.) He was a very nice guy and I got some very awesome broken watches! :D After spending all day in those 2 stores, I went off to a woman's house who had an estate sale in the past, and I bought some of her old jewelry. I got some cool things there, mostly tiny stuff, nothing amazing, but cutesy things. (I will put up pics tomorrow!) :D ANNND..........


If you FANCY old-old-antique-really nice- Buttons...bookmark me. The estate woman said she is going to let me know when she has the buttons sorted and then I will take pics, put them online and then YOU will buy them from her, and me too, probably lol. Because she says she has generations of buttons. I haven't seen them, myself...but I am assuming they are as she says. :) I told her that I would like some too. So we will see. :D

After visiting the woman, I went on a road trip to San Clamente to buy a couple old clocks and my heart was broken when I saw that they were incomplete, but I still got them. It was further than I thought it would be, though. After that stop, I went down to the pier and played in the sand until sunset. I haven't been to the beach in a long time, nor have my feet touched the ocean, so this was a little treat. I also got to take some pretty pics. :D

I was so excited about my 1st pocket watch that I had to turn it into something immediately to satisfy my cravings since I purchased it...so here we are...

THE PocketWatch...Necklace...Galore...A'LaMode...

I am obsessed. That's the easiest way to put it. I am a compulsive creator. I can't stop, just like a crackhead with the jitters or shakes...Whatever they get. When I am not making things, I go crazy. Just like RIGHT NOW. I can't make anything because I am out of glue and have to wait until tomorrow. That saddens me lol. But I get to talk to You. My blog reader(s). haha. :) I hope you have a nice night/morning! xoxo

Friday, January 9, 2009

* Available Soon @ Whimzy! *


I am so excited to become part of such an amazing place, you have no idea!! I've been to Whimzy a few times and just stared at everything in admiration. I just recently met Dianne, So Much Fun! haha :D Now I know who the brainchild is behind all of the amazing collages/scenes/ppl standing in space surrounded by gorgeousness. *Sheryl!* They make an awesome team and I say congrats to them on their years of beautiful work, there, at Whimzy. I also want to thank my mom for bringing me there, and introducing me to this world of glitter! (I've always been mocked for my affinity of glitz, but I guess there is a niche for me, afterall.) :) I can't even get over my excitement and new friends! *Cheers* To all that has yet to come!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Intro :)

Hello, My name is Kristy Lynn and I have been creating for most of my 24 years. :) I love coming up with ideas for all of my endeavors and endless projects. Jewelry is one of my passions, and recently I have been enthralled with making my own. That is what brings me here, to connect with all of you talented peeps in the SoCal area. :) I appreciate seeing all of your art and creations, and I hope you get a kick out of mine. Nice to meet you!! xoxo