Monday, January 19, 2009

A date today.

I met my boyfriend at the Cheesecake Factory today for a nice lunch. :) It was really sweet, I love sitting on the patio, outside. After there, sad for him, we walked through the mall and I stopped in practically every store that I wanted to! hahah. :) It's not often that we go to the mall or shopping, so I took advantage of the situation, while trying not to torture him in the mean while. He bought me some crazy-beautiful-bright nail polish and a Boston Terrier Puppies calendar. :D Thank you! :)

We also stopped by the puppy store, him not being a dog person, I didn't see us being there for long. BUT!!! HOLY WOW!! He fell in love with a miniture pinscher! LOL. So we got to go into a little room and play with her for a while. It was lots of fun and really cute haha :). So here are some pics and a video! (Take a look if you are kinda bored! lol, nothing too amazing. except my dog's dress ;) *wink* lol.

Oh, and My Baby!!! *** PANDA *** :D in her new dress! xoxoxox

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