Friday, January 9, 2009

* Available Soon @ Whimzy! *


I am so excited to become part of such an amazing place, you have no idea!! I've been to Whimzy a few times and just stared at everything in admiration. I just recently met Dianne, So Much Fun! haha :D Now I know who the brainchild is behind all of the amazing collages/scenes/ppl standing in space surrounded by gorgeousness. *Sheryl!* They make an awesome team and I say congrats to them on their years of beautiful work, there, at Whimzy. I also want to thank my mom for bringing me there, and introducing me to this world of glitter! (I've always been mocked for my affinity of glitz, but I guess there is a niche for me, afterall.) :) I can't even get over my excitement and new friends! *Cheers* To all that has yet to come!



  1. Love your designs,I want the one with the little bird!!I will have to keep an eye open for it at Whimzy otherwise I am sure I will see you at Glitterfest 2009.

  2. I haven't been to Whimzy's in a few months. I'm planning to stop in sometime soon, and will be on the look out for your pieces. Congrats, and don't worry about people not getting the glitz, glam, glitter and rhinestone craze... here online you in good company!!

  3. I love your stuff girl! I am so happy to have you at Whimzy! & as part of Glitterfest! We are gonna have so much fun!