Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Very Cool Day!

Today, I got my goodies together and went to Whimzy to drop off my necklaces! Dianne told me about Grant's Antiques and that I should check it out as a good source for finds that be of use to me. (And I did. And there were. And I purchased. lol.) He was a very nice guy and I got some very awesome broken watches! :D After spending all day in those 2 stores, I went off to a woman's house who had an estate sale in the past, and I bought some of her old jewelry. I got some cool things there, mostly tiny stuff, nothing amazing, but cutesy things. (I will put up pics tomorrow!) :D ANNND..........


If you FANCY old-old-antique-really nice- Buttons...bookmark me. The estate woman said she is going to let me know when she has the buttons sorted and then I will take pics, put them online and then YOU will buy them from her, and me too, probably lol. Because she says she has generations of buttons. I haven't seen them, myself...but I am assuming they are as she says. :) I told her that I would like some too. So we will see. :D

After visiting the woman, I went on a road trip to San Clamente to buy a couple old clocks and my heart was broken when I saw that they were incomplete, but I still got them. It was further than I thought it would be, though. After that stop, I went down to the pier and played in the sand until sunset. I haven't been to the beach in a long time, nor have my feet touched the ocean, so this was a little treat. I also got to take some pretty pics. :D

I was so excited about my 1st pocket watch that I had to turn it into something immediately to satisfy my cravings since I purchased here we are...

THE PocketWatch...Necklace...Galore...A'LaMode...

I am obsessed. That's the easiest way to put it. I am a compulsive creator. I can't stop, just like a crackhead with the jitters or shakes...Whatever they get. When I am not making things, I go crazy. Just like RIGHT NOW. I can't make anything because I am out of glue and have to wait until tomorrow. That saddens me lol. But I get to talk to You. My blog reader(s). haha. :) I hope you have a nice night/morning! xoxo


  1. very cool. I am as excited about your designs as you are about making them. I guess I am going to have to head over to Whimzy today to see them in person.

  2. Hi Kristy. . . thanks for the nice comment and I was thinking, "who's kid are you" and I'm thinking your mom is Sharon, right??? Take care, Sue

  3. Hi...
    How wonderfully fabulous your blog with all those images that fade and appear.