Wednesday, June 3, 2009

An Update! (pic of promise ring)

I have been pretty busy lately! Work has actually been giving me hours and when I am not working, I am researching and sleeping. I have a LOT of ppl to catch up with, and a lot of creating, yet to do. :) The Orange County Fair is coming up and I am going to have 4 entries this year. Quite different from my 12+ entries last year. I was creating just to enter! haha. Obsessions! This year, I will only be making 2 of my 4 entries. Going for more BALANCE, I guess. ;) :D Very exciting, none-the-less.

I have been visiting Los Angeles, well, just once. haha. I AM SOOO EXCITED to say that I am designing my engagement ring. No, it's not official yet, but I got the approval to seek out designers/lapidaries/gemologists to team up on my AMAZINGGGG PROJECT!! OMG. You will be sooo impressed, I guarantee you that. The ppl that I shared my vision with, in La, asked if I had my own shop, or a card, and if I am a designer. ;) Yeehaw. lol. I will show you once I have the design constructed in photoshop. Right now I just have the pieces. :D

Knowing that we are *that* close to making a huge step/leap in our lives, I played the kiddie card, being so inexperienced and all...I've never had a promise ring, so I asked my boyfriend if we could go shopping in quarter machines because I have always wanted one of those cute plastic gem rings. We went to a number of stores and found none. :( SO so so so sad. Instead, we hit up Claire's in the mall LOLOL and I found an awesome ring. It's already chipping, but I was sure to photograph it while it's still intact. ;) I freakin' love it. :D So yess, I am twitterpated and obsessed with all the research I can be immersed in, while designing the ring of my dreams. Well, just short of my dreams. I would have to win the lottery to get my $200k pink diamond LOL. No, but honestly...I am so excited. :) My poor bf's ears are going to fall off because I randomly start talking about rings every few mins.

*SCREAM* :) So.. :) I've been busy. :) Not exactly with the right tasks, but I am totally .. doing stuff. :)

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  1. What a fantastically unusual promise ring! Can't wait to see what the design for the engagement ring looks like! When do we get a pic?