Sunday, February 1, 2009

unfortunate estate sale

I went to an estate sale @ Palmayra and I was looking for costume jewelry...*no surprise* lol. The woman, Suzanne, told me to come back on Sunday and she would have some stuff for me. I went back today, and she only had one more piece than before and trash-talked the purpose of re-using the pieces that are in existence because they aren't worth anything and she only deals with the "cream of the crop". Okay, fair enough...she has her own taste, I just want to purchase. So I try to navigate around her attitude but it just isn't possible and she stops, mid-sale and asks me how much I plan on spending. (Honestly, she had crap LOL, but I felt bad and wanted to get some pieces because she was trying so hard to sell me.) So she stops what she is doing and looks at me with a stearn face and asks "SOoooo...before I continue, I want to know if this is even worth my TIME. How much do you think this is worth to you????" (A couple bucks.) "HOW much is a COUPLE bucks to you????" (2..3..4?) Then she starts shaking and I think I saw a twitch and then she said "YEah, this is.. this.. this isn't even WORTH the time I am spending, I can't do this, it's not worth me digging through this stuff. Not worth my time." ... HAHA. Wow lady. So I said "Oh, well, don't worry about it then..." (Leaving her 3 ugly things on the top of the glass case that everything was displayed in *flat*, so there was NO digging.) I made sure that she had clear access to her gems to put back in the display case lol. Seriously, the most interesting things were bent-leaf earrings and they were tiny, even. *shudder* BLEH. So, that was not a very great experiece. I am sorry that I even went back to that place.

The Moral of the story, ladies : Trust what you know. I knew that she wasn't nice and she turned out to be even more mean. You know who you buy from, you know the sweet women and nice guys who are there to help you and be friendly. Stick to them and appreciate that you don't come arcoss women like I did. Honestly, if my character were any more weak, this woman's attitude would have ruined my day because I am a very impressionable person and sometimes I take things personally. Instead, I just leave, appreciating the people who are nice to me. So, Thank YOU!! For being so kind. :) <3 xoxo

I DID, however, take a pic when I was there the 1st time, because I thought it was funny, finding a bear staring at itself in the mirror lol.


  1. What a bummer! It's funny when people are expecting so much for items that are worth very little. They don't see the real treasures are the people they meet in the process! I am sorry that it didn't turn out well for you, but YOU totally have kharma on your side!

  2. You know, there is just "something" about the people in this business. Someday I'll have my book finished, "Geeks, Freaks,& Antiques. . .the Country Roads Story". Mean people really do suck, sorry you had to experience that!
    Take care,